Planar Oxygen Sensor New Generation (Red Wire)

MTE -THOMSON launches Planar Oxygen Sensor New Generation (Red Wire)

The new Oxygen Sensor MTE-THOMSON, the most important component of the Fuel Injection system, arrives to the aftermarket with a new technology already applied to vehicles worldwide!

It’s the Planar Oxygen Sensor NEW GENERATION!

The new item has an interesting feature because it does NOT HAVE a reference CHAMBER in the ceramic that measures the oxygen in the atmosphere, which with the new technology, is created electronically by the ECU. It would be similar to a Wideband sensor, with a switch between rich and poor fuel mixture as if it were a regular Planar sensor.

Tis new sensor has also 4 wires, but with the difference that one of them (the heater wire) is RED! This can help when identifying the product in the vehicle.

Another important feature to be highlighted is that the heater of the new sensor is also different, it is between 3 and 5 ohms at room temperature.

It is important to emphasize that these technologies are NOT interchangeable. Therefore, we cannot replace one type of sensor with another. It is also worth mentioning that a Universal sensor can NEVER be used.

The company also explains that a vehicle with the same model, engine and year can contain more than one type of different Oxygen Sensor; what changes is the Fuel Injection System. It is essential to always know the system, know how to differentiate the types of sensor and pay close attention to the application!

This technology joins the others available in the portfolio such as: Finger, Planar, Air/Fuel Ratio and Wideband 5 wires.

The new generation of Planar Oxygen Sensor also has the traditional numbering of MTE-THOMSON which greatly facilitates the application. It will be according to the example: 8401.40.040, where 84 is the technology, 01 is the application, 40 is the number of wires and 040 is the length in centimeters.

MTE-THOMSON was the first industry to produce Oxygen Sensors in Brazil and is now the ONLY one to offer the five technologies used in the aftermarket. All manufactured in Brazil.

Below are some important vehicles in the fleet that use the Planar Oxygen Sensor NEW GENERATION:

Mito, A3,330i, C1, Duster, Dóblo, C-Max, F-Type, Range Rover, CLA 250, Cooper S, Kicks, 108, Kwid, Leon, Fabia , Augo and Golf.

For more information on this release and applications, download the PDF catalog here!

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