NEW Catalog EGTS

MTE-THOMSON updates its Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Line and launches its 15th edition of the Application Catalog.

These are new items and new applications with PT200 technology developed entirely in Brazil for diesel vehicles!

This way we can offer a complete range in the aftermarket.

An Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor (EGTS) detects exhaust gas temperature, converts it into a voltage and feeds that voltage signal back to the engine ECU, in order to control engine conditions and effectively reduce emissions.

With the assistance of the different EGTS signals, the exhaust gas treatment devices can operate in their optimal conditions and their functionalities are constantly verified (OBD – On-Board Diagnostics).

MTE-THOMSON manufactures two different technologies of EGTS, NTC Thermistor and PT200.

The EGTS from MTE-THOMSON is produced with the best raw materials, with automated processes and is tested 100% with OEM expertise:

· Closed Stainless Cover: Protects the sensor element against atmosphere corrosion and water drops from the exhaust.

· NTC Thermistor: Negative Temperature Coefficient ceramic element.

· PT200: Platinum element with Positive Temperature Coefficient, which has a resistance of 200 Ohms at 0°C.

· MIC: Mineral Isolated Cable that separates the hot part from the cold part.

· Wires: Teflon insulated – oil, gas and water resistant. Stranded wire – Greater flexibility

· Connectors: PA+GF. OEM Quality


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