New Lambda A/F-Sensor

The new Lambda A/F sensors are 4-wire wideband sensors widely used in Asian vehicles, which have just arrived on the aftermarket.

Already launched for Honda, Nissan and Toyota vehicles, now new models for SUBARU, LEXUS, SUZUKI, MAZDA, INFINITI vehicles are available, in addition to new items for traditional the Japanese brands.

This same type of sensor also applies to vehicles of the VOLVO brand, premium models.

Widely sought after, the Lambda A/F Sensor for Toyota Hilux, model 9826.40.063, is now fully available with the reliability and quality that everyone already knows.

MTE-THOMSON was the first company to manufacture lambda sensors in Brazil and is currently the only one that offers the largest variety of replacement applications. Today there are 5 types of lambda sensor, in addition to their variations, which makes the application difficult and generates doubts and insecurities, at the time of purchase and at the time of installation.

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