diesel catalog

New Catalog Diesel!

MTE-THOMSON has already made available on its website for download the new complete Diesel Engines catalog.

In this issue, engine management and temperature share the catalog, with real and color photos of all products. New items, new models, new applications between Thermostatic Valves, Temperature Sensors, CKP Sensors, MAP Sensors, CMP Sensors, the new EGTS – Exhaust Gas Temperature and EGPS – Exhaust Gas Pressure, as well as the Wide Band Sensor.

It is important to note that in the new catalog, now also with the engine management of the trucks inserted, we can say that MTE-THOMSON is the only company that has a complete line with all items such as pre / post turbo exhaust temperature sensors and pre / post catalyst and particle filter, in addition to the pressure sensor (EGPS), which is responsible for measuring the difference in pressure in the particle filter and informing the ECM for better regulation and performance as well as the oxygen sensor  wide band, providing greater and more complete emission control of vehicles, helping to improve air quality and care for the environment.

 The line of Temperature Sensors also deserves to be highlighted as the most complete in the market, together with the MAP, CKP and CMP Sensors, all very important in the engine management system, with the most current and innovative technology applied in its development engineering.

Applications include the best-selling light duty trucks, heavy duty trucks, buses and tractors from the world’s automotive industry.

Parts can be located by MTE number or original number, and description of engine type, year, and vehicle model.

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