Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor – EGTS

An Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor (EGTS) detects exhaust gas temperature, converts it into a voltage and feeds

that voltage signal back to the engine ECU, in order to control engine conditions and effectively reduce emissions.
Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGTS) are located:

  • T3 – before the Turbocharger (TBC).
  • T4 – after the Turbocharger (TBC).
  • T5 – before/after Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC).
  • T6 – before/after Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).
  • TEGR – before/after High-Pressure EGR Cooling System.

Exhaust Gas Temperature Measurement Points – Diesel














With the assistance of the different EGTS signals, the exhaust gas treatment devices can operate in their optimal conditions and their functionalities are constantly verified (OBD – On-Board Diagnostics).
For instance:

  • The Temperature Probes before and after the Turbocharger are used to verify whether a temperature decrease (approx. 150°C) occurred.
  • The DOC and the SRC need to achieve a minimum operation temperature, respectively 140°C and 190°C.
  • The temperatures before the turbocharger, after the DPF and in the DOC are also monitored in order to avoid overheating of these components.
  • The performances of the temperatures after and before the DPF (together with the Differential Pressure Sensor’s signal) are used to verify a successful regeneration of that component.



MTE-THOMSON manufactures two different technologies of EGTS, NTC Thermistor and PT200.
This way we can offer a complete range of products in the aftermarket.





The signal is measured using a Voltage-Divider. Most ECUs use a 2.2 kOhms pull-up resistor.









Signals: PT200 X NTC

A comparison between the signals of a NTC and a PT200 EGTS can be seen below. In this example, it was used a pull-up resistor of 1000 Ohms and a 5V voltage supply.











  • Closed Stainless Cover: Protects the sensor element against the corrosion atmosphere and water drops from the exhaust.
  • NTC Thermistor: Negative Temperature Coefficient ceramic element.
  • PT200: Platinum element with Positive Temperature Coefficient, which has a resistance of 200 Ohms at 0°C.
  • MIC: Mineral Isolated Cable that separates the hot part from the cold part.
  • Wires: Teflon insulated – oil, gas and water-resistant. Stranded wire – Greater flexibility
  • Connectors: PA+GF. OEM Quality



Malfunctions of the Temperature Probes can lead to:

  • Unnecessary filter regeneration, leading to a reduction in the filter’s lifespan
  • Power losses if the sensor is not detecting the filter saturation level
  • Dashboard light for Particulate Filter and blinking light pre-heating
  • Deterioration of Turbocharger, DOC, SCR components and DPF
  • Increase in oil consumption
  • Increase in emission levels of CO, NOx and HC



The EGTS from MTE-THOMSON is produced with the best raw materials, with automated processes and is tested 100% with OEM expertise.



All MTE-THOMSON products are guaranteed for 01(one) year against defects from faulty materials or fabrication. The guarantee is limited to the replacement of the faulty part; we cannot extend the guarantee to cover defects caused by misuse, neglect, accident or wear and tear. We cannot accept liability for consequential loss or damage which is claimed to have resulted from the use of one of our products. More information:



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